At their recent meeting Bradford Peverell Parish Councillors discussed the positioning of grit bins.

Hopefully before next winter 5 bins will be installed in various points round the village for residents to use in icy weather.

One will be placed by the churchyard wall. There will be one up the hill towards Poundbury and another near the top of the gradient with a further bin near Giles Close.

The position of the fifth has still to be decided.

Cllr Neil Howard was pleased to report that various potholes had been dealt with promptly both in the village and in Muckleford.

Grass had also been cut at the junction from the village to the A 37 and visibility was now good.

English Heritage has been contacted over the remains of the Roman Aqueduct as the listed part of the relic has disappeared and the remaining part is unprotected.

This is a long standing dilemma but a form has been sent off which might resolve the situation.

Cllr Neil Howard has attended a meeting concerning the proposed drainage scheme for Church Lane.

Surveys have been completed and computer modelling carried out and it appears there are several options for the run off water.

At the next meeting it is hoped that there will be a presentation to the Parish Council about this matter.

The Parish Plan is well under way and questionnaires have been sent out to villagers for return by August 6th.

It was also suggested by the Chair that trees be planted on the verges near Ash Hill where vegetation and trees have been trimmed to help river flow.

There has also been a meeting with Mr Comber over the sightlines of the Poundbury development.

Trees are on the plan to soften the distant views but are apparently to be contained in concrete to limit their height.

There was another reassurance at this meeting that Poundbury traffic would have no access to the narrow Poundbury Road leading to the village.

The next meeting is on Thursday 2nd September.