Don't get caught out!

It may not be until 10th of September but you will need time to prepare for the Bradford Peverell Gardening and Cookery Show.

Once again there will be special competitions for all ages.

Not to be outdone by royal bunting the comittee are inviting you all to design a Bradford Peverell Flag. The winning entries from both children and adults will be made up in fabric and displayed at Peverell Quilters' Exhibition and Coffee Morning in October. Designs must be on paper, maximum A4 size with names and addresses on the back.

The special horticultural competition this year is for a novelty display of outdoor mixed plants in an unusual container.

The winners will be chosen by penny voting by those attending the Show in the afternoon so get your thinking caps on and let there be a super and perhaps quirky display.

The sad news in the village is that Moviola have withdrawn their services to the Village Hall so no more films. This is due to falling audience numbers.

It cannot continue to run at a loss and it is unfortunate as our village has been involved from the very start.

Many thanks to all our supporters for many memorable evenings.

The good news is that there can be more Artsreach presentations for our village.

Finally there WILL be a Fete on the Jubilee Field this year on Saturday 16th July.