Yes - website up and running!

This was the news given to Bradford Peverell councillors at their recent meeting.

Some of the village groups still need to come on line with their information but the site is there on Bradford so do try it.

The Parish Plan is nearing its final edit and later in the Autumn there will be an open meeting to discuss it.

Cllr Sarah East from WDDC gave a short summary about the National Planning Policy Framework and its relationship with local plans. A robust local plan must be in the framework or there will be clashes between development and localism.

Cllr Neil Howard reported that the village twinning sign - which has been missing and in spite of wide enquiries has not been found - has now been replaced. The cost has been kindly met by the Twinning Association and the sign is now securely in place.

Cllr Tim Collins reported that the early morning 212 bus from the village to Dorchester which had been found to be leaving early now waits for the correct time and he is pleased that the bus company has taken notice.

He has made further enquiries into the position of Bradford Peverell and Stratton halt which lies derelict near Ash Hill and he will report back later about any possibility of it reopening.

Other issues raised were swallows in the bus shelter making a mess, a contribution to Stratton Youth Club to cover Bradford Peverell children who attend and the exciting prospect of a play being produced in the Village Hall using local people as the cast and the production team.

The next Council meeting is on Thursday November 3rd.

Terry Putnam 01305 812189