CERNE ABBAS CRUSADERS have just started their Summer Term.

Crusaders are a Christian Club and part of a national organisation called Urban Saints.

Their aim is to teach children and young people the good news of Jesus Christ thus developing a life led by Christian Faith.

Cerne Crusaders would love to see more young people joining them so why not come along one Thursday between 5pm – 6:45pm?

A trip to Minterne Gardens is planned as well as the annual trip to Hilfield Friary.

Friends and Heroes will also feature in their activities, check out

To find out more about Urban Saints visit

FIRST SCHOOL: Cerne Abbas First School would like to let everyone know that Happy Circus is coming to Piddle Valley First School.

They will be delighting everyone on Thursday, May 3.

An Early Bird offer applies to tickets bought in advance, for further information contact Helen Smith on 01300 341995.

BUCKLAND NEWTON YOUTH Moves has had a busy start to 2012.

They had their annual show at the end of January, exploring different dance styles, for example Ska, Irish Dancing and Street Dance.

Various other performances have taken place since then and a number of attendance certificates awarded.

Classes take place on Friday afternoons from 3:30pm – 4:30pm at the Village Hall.

If your child is aged four to ten years old and you are interested in him or her becoming a part of Youth Moves, contact Sarah Mitchell on 01258 817288.

YOUTH Club: This newly formed club is going from strength to strength.

It meets every Tuesday from 6:30pm in the Village Hall, at the moment there are approximately 30 members.

Buckland Newton Youth Club is open to Year 6 and above, the cost is £ 2 per week.

Do you and your child live in the village or its surroundings and would like to give the club a try?

Then get in touch with Lysander Parsons on 01300 345549.

Adults who are willing to offer general volunteer help or any particular skill or are interested in becoming a leader are equally welcome to call the above number.

PIDDLE VALLEY VILLAGE Fete: A village fete will take in Alton Pancras place on Saturday, May 26 , starting at 2pm.

Mr Andrew Graham is kindly permitting the use of the Walled Garden of The Manor.

Do come along and spend an enjoyable afternoon in this beautiful village with all the usual fun, games and stalls of a traditional village fair.

Arrive in the morning and enjoy a walk in the beautiful surroundings!

PIDDLE Valley Players: Would you like to come and join them?

Being a member of Piddle Valley Players may be hard work and enthusiasm is absolutely necessary – but fun can always be guaranteed!

Castings start in June 2012, please call Rachel on 01300 348758 as soon as possible to register your interest.

Any help in any capacity is welcome.

MINTERNE MAGNA ARTS and Crafts Exhibition: This exhibition will take place in conjunction with Minterne Gardens Open Day on Sunday, May 20.

Exhibitors are now invited to enter three items, at least one of which must be for sale.

All proceeds will go to St. Andrew’s Church.

If you would like more information contact Sylvia Drinkwater on 01300 341077 or Marilyn Tite on 01300 345501.