"Reinstate the Fairy Lights" e-petition requiring signatures

9:37pm Thursday 29th March 2012

By Debbie Peach

One of the local residents has submitted an e-petition on the Weymouth & Portland Borough Councils e-Petition system entitled “Weymouth Esplanade 'Fairy Lights' “ and asking to “ reinstate the "fairy lights" along the Esplanade - initially from the Pier bandstand to the Pavilion”

"The strings of "fairy lights" along the Esplanade have been a source of joy to both residents and visitors since the mid-50s. They were the first view of our town when passing the Ridgeway and were the "jewels" in Weymouth's crown. They were removed in 2011, with very limited consultation, as part of the re-generation of the sea front. The reasons given for their removal were on running cost, unavailability of lamps and that the new street lighting would adequately compensate for their loss. A walk along Weymouth's sea front shows that this is patently untrue and the Esplanade has become a dark and unwelcoming place - more like a back street. Modern "fairy" lighting systems are efficient, long lasting and "e" friendly and will return the sea front to its former glory, to be enjoyed by both residents and visitors alike."

If this is also something you agree with then please add your name to the petition. It will run from Wednesday March 28 until Thursday May 31 and can be found on the www.dorsetforyou.com do a search on "e-petitions" and "fairy lights"


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