It’s not easy finding a job nowadays and to make a successful application you need a CV that stands out from the rest. And most of us can’t afford to buy or use the many professional CV writing software packages available.

Starting on the third Wednesday of April and continuing on every third Wednesday of the month you can book a computer at the library and have access to that essential professional software.

Sessions will run from until midday. There will only be spaces for 4 persons in each session so you need to book in advance! Once you have been given access to the software you will be able to keep your password so that, in the future, you can amend and update your CV as your circumstances change.

There will also be help on hand from local people who have been trained in the use of this software in case you get stuck.

So if you’re seeking work and want your CV to be perfect, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

For further information and to book a slot at a session please call Jan on 834126 or leave your details at the library.

Again, for jobseekers there’s an opportunity to drop in to the Weymouth Community safety centre in Radipole Lane between 11am and 4pm on Wednesday 28th March to chat to people from Job Centre Plus, Volunteer Centre Dorset, Mploy and Care South.

The discussions, “We Want To Make You Happier” held on Friday 1st March led by Malcolm Beeson proved to be very informative and well researched.

Breaking down what a person needs to live a happy life produced three main groups: healthier lifestyle, more comfortable finances and more to do.

All three can be helped by improvements within the community itself: Job Clubs, a Citizens Advice Centre, more leisure and sports activities (both indoors and outdoors) and social groups are just a few examples.

But all these need somewhere to function and premises are currently limited. Top Club, the church, the library and the community hall could not cope with all the improvements. We will need a large building to house as many of these activities as possible.

We have been trying to fund a new purpose built community centre for15 years, without success. But if we use all of the Lottery money for this we will have none left to support the extra activities that we want.

The new hall needs to be built to serve the generations of Littlemoor far into the future. It is only a question of when it gets built.

Until then we have to make do with what we have.

The present community hall was paid for by residents 50 years ago and had an expected life of 20 years. It once stood out in the open where everyone could see it. Now it is hidden behind flats and houses where few people discover it.

The council used to pay for the maintenance of the building. Now the LCAG is responsible for all repairs.

Costs are rising so much that it can’t afford to keep it going much longer.

We need the extra space for all the great things planned for the next ten years but if no one wants to make use of the current hall where will it all go?

One answer is to give the existing hall some love and attention until we can afford to build a new one.

In short, it needs a makeover.

For years the LCAG has done it’s best to support our community; now we need to support the LCAG.

Volunteers are needed to offer a few hours of their time to give our current hall a new lease of life.

If you have a trade, if you’re a painter, bricklayer, carpenter or plumber, please help! Even if you can only use a paintbrush or mop, please help!

Until we can find the money to build a brand new community building to take us well into the 21st century we need to keep the old one going!

So come on, everyone, let’s all get together and make a start!

Contact Gil Paterson and put your name down now! (01305-836 398;

Calling all young people between 9-13; as apart of the New Horizon Book awards run by Dorset Public and School library services in which you can vote for one of six shortlisted books, there is also a free to enter competition to find someone with an idea for a novel.

Just go to to find out how to take part and enter via the ‘stories from the web’ where entries will be published online.

But hurry, you only have until 20th April until the competition closes. The recent Trace Your Family History event at the library proved so popular that they plan to repeat it in the very near future. Keep an eye out for posters in the library or watch this space!