Richard Drax, MP for South Dorset paid a visit to our community hall on 29th March to meet up with members of the Littlemoor Community Action Group.

His visit came only days after South West Englands’ MEP Julie Girling met the group. The MEP became so supportive of the LCAG’s urgent need to build a new community centre that she urged Richard Drax to help.

As we’re all well aware, the current community hall is well past its sell by date and costs a fortune to heat and maintain. It is kept running through the dedication of local people, with no outside funding and provides activities for all ages throughout the community. Littlemoor people have been working with Dorset County Council and many other bodies for the past 15 years to raise enough money to construct a new building on the land between the church and the library.

With £1m on offer from the Lottery to support Littlemoor and create opportunities, events and activities for all, it is now even more urgent we build somewhere in the heart of our community where these can take place.

The LCAG believes the building needs to be big enough to accommodate several activities at once so that it also becomes a meeting place for residents and we can engender a stronger community spirit.

After a lengthy meeting Richard Drax was appreciative of the need for a new building and pledged to search for support in directions that were not open to the community itself.

Puppetry has been a form of entertainment since history began and is still extremely popular with the young and old.

Trevor Martin wants to start a puppetry club in Littlemoor. But he’s not just looking for people to pull the strings, there’s much more to it than that.

He wants to build a puppet theatre from scratch. That means he’s looking for people who can build and paint the scenery, he wants scriptwriters, electricians, costume designers, costume makers, performers and handymen. In fact anyone who would love to get together and build Littlemoor’s very own puppet theatre.

This could prove to be a very worthwhile and rewarding project and also a great way of making new friends Anyone from the age of 10 up to 100 willing to get involved in this fascinating art should ring or text 07835392276 with your details or email and Trevor will get back to you.

I remember as a kid I’d get my mother’s saucepans out and a wooden spoon and make, what I thought was music. The saucepans were soon taken away from me as we all realised I had no talent whatever.

Here’s a chance for every youngster to learn, in a fun way, about rhythm and music without their parents putting their hands to their ears and crying “enough!”

Saturday Stompers is a great way to learn the rudiments of making good music but with a twist- the instruments will be made from everyday items and discarded household utensils and other domestic “rubbish.” In short anything that can be made to create a musical note. A very creative activity in more than one sense of the word!

The sessions will be for children from 6 to 16 and be held at the community hall.

The first ‘jamming’ session will be between 10am and midday on Saturday 28th April at the community hall. If you want to know more phone or text your details to 07835392276 or email and someone will get back to you.

If gardening is more your idea of the ideal way to spend your spare time, or you are interested in seeing allotments, a communal garden or more attractive planting in and around Littlemoor, then this should be of interest to you.

A gardeners club will be opening shortly and needs new members with a passion for growing flowers, fruit and vegetables. Apart from exchanging ideas, plants and sharing gardening skills the club also wants to get out and about to plant up and brighten our community with flower beds and shrubs etc.

To register or express an interest please phone or text your details to 07835392276 or email and you’ll be informed of this project as soon as more details are available.