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Lets Make It Courses Still have Places to Spare

Dorset Echo:

7:44pm Thursday 4th September 2014

I cant believe I am actually saying the word  (whispers) Christmas, but it seems it gathers momentum every year, and this year has arrived ealrier than ever.

Join the World's Biggest Coffee Morning with Macmillan

Dorset Echo: World's Biggest Coffee Morning

4:00pm Thursday 4th September 2014

Join people in your area for the Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning on Friday 26th September – all in the name of Macmillan Cancer Support.

Thanks to the Green FInger Brigade

9:39pm Wednesday 18th June 2014

A Huge thanks go out to all those intrepid volunteers who once again have worked their fingers to the knuckle planting away the hanging baskets and then hanging them around the park area. In total 24 hanging baskets have been sited and with the watering throughout the summer provide a real blast of colour throughout the holiday season. I am reliably informed that those involved so far are Laurie, John , Rose , Tom and  Muriel. They chose the hottest day of the year so far to plant out and put into position the 24 baskets, which is a real work out in itself!

Take Part in Weymouth Carnival with Costumes and Dances from Around The World

9:03pm Wednesday 18th June 2014

Weymouth Carnival Day is fast approaching and as always it seems that for us residents of The Park District it is an event that is on our very own front doorstep, so to speak.  Consequently many of us do tend to get involved wherever we can. This year being no exception.

Tea & Songs of Praise

10:46pm Thursday 12th June 2014

St John’s Church invites you for Tea and Songs of Praise at the Park Church Centre, Chelmsford St:, Weymouth on 4.30pm Sunday July 13 2014. We will give thanks for loved ones who have died both recently and longer ago in this anniversary year of the start of World War 1 For more information please contact Tim Greenslade on 01305 771938

Community Quiz Nights

9:32pm Thursday 12th June 2014

For those of you that do want to get your brainb cells perked up and at their prime, the dates for the folowing Community Quiz NIghts at the Park Community Centre in Chelmsford Street, Weymouth, are as follows:-

Got a brain, want to put it to the test?

Dorset Echo: Got a brain, want to put it to the test?

9:39pm Monday 9th June 2014

Typical Park District Community Quiz questions, as you can see there is something for everyone

Brownies 100 years and counting

Dorset Echo: Brownies learn to Morris Dance

8:52pm Monday 9th June 2014

Local Brownie group have vacancies for new recruits who wish to come along and learn to play, new skills etc.

New courses, meetings, and groups available to The Park Community

Dorset Echo: New collection routes were introduced after a refuse collectors’ strike which left bins in Leeds un-emptied.

8:59pm Tuesday 13th May 2014

Something for everyone, reminder about changes to our rubbish collection and the public meeting in the area, new courses at the Weymouth College. a sing and dance workshop, a new creative domestic abuse networking day, a survey for people who have used patient transport

Keep Calm and Hang Up: don't fall victim to fraudsters

Dorset Echo: Picture from stock

8:50pm Tuesday 13th May 2014

Finally there is a lovely new leaflet entitled “Keep Calm and Hang Up” Its all about those phone calls we get, for example telling us there is something wrong with our computers, something wrong with our phone lines, we are entitled to a tax refund, etc.

Community Quiz News

Dorset Echo: Dorset web button

7:11pm Monday 17th March 2014

Saturday February 21 saw another hugely successful community quiz  at the Park Community Centre, Chelmsford Street.

Win Celebrates 99 years and counting!

Dorset Echo: Dorset web button

6:58pm Monday 17th March 2014

Win Hudson was born on 8th March 1915 in Birmingham but has spent most of her life in Weymouth.

Do you remember the Park District in the 1950s and 60s?

6:52pm Monday 17th March 2014

Perhaps you bought a bike from Samways, (I think that may have been my first bike! but I never bought it myself) or worked at Digby’s? Maybe you drank at The Stag or The Ranelagh?

Park Updates

Dorset Echo: previous Waterside Singers perform at Christmas Sparkle

4:33pm Friday 11th October 2013

The latest installment of upcoming dates for your diary in the Park District.

Classes restarting in September

4:28pm Wednesday 4th September 2013

The Park District Newsletter has gone Missing In Action, so until such time as it rematerializes through our letter boxes in the manner of Dr Who and the Tardis, here is the current state of play at the Centre!!

Park Community Centre News and Dates

8:37pm Tuesday 11th June 2013

Its been a busy summer and there's more to come, so here's a round up of what has happened and what is about to happen in the Park Area.

Latest News from the Park

Dorset Echo: Anna Eveleigh new Choir Leader taking The Waterside Singers onto greater heights

7:22pm Sunday 26th May 2013

The latest news from The Park District, changes to clubs/groups times as well as an update on the Park District Youth Club.

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night

Dorset Echo: singer old and new come to say goodbye to Johanna

10:16pm Thursday 28th March 2013

Back in 2010, the Waterside  Forum, Park Community Centre, had the idea to jump on the (still current) trend to have a resident choir, although at the time we didn't think of it as much as having a choir, as perhaps just a way of learning to sing with confidence in a group.  12 months funding was obtained from a Lottery Grant with the "Cant Sing? Neither Can We!" project suddenly becoming a serious issue. The call went out to all singing /music teachers in the area, to see who would be prepared to take the residents tuning issues on, and who it was felt would suit the relaxed attitude that is  prevalent in the area.

Other Community News

1:45pm Friday 1st March 2013

Elaine has now recovered from her hand operation and  has now resumed her "Energise with Elaine- Exercise for the over 50's/Fit as a Fiddle". We are pleased to see her return to full health and resume her classes. If you would like to join in with her exercise group, which aims to improve health balance strength and mobility in a fun relaxed and social atmosphere. All abilities are catered for.  You can try out for free and future sessions cost £5.00 each.  The class takes place on Tuesdays from 1 until 2pm. If you want further information please contact Elaine directly on 01929 462916/07967 203581 or email her 

PDY go all Ping POng

Dorset Echo: PDY go all Ping POng

11:44am Friday 1st March 2013

The new table tennis table finally arrived at Park Community Centre and had its inaugural matches played by the Park Youth Club (PDY).   The funding for this was received from the Co-operative Community Fund and was for providing activities for the Tuesday Evening Youth Club. PDY members are really pleased with the new addition to their facilities and want to send out their thanks for the funding to everyone who was involved in submitting the application for the funding and also to The Co-operative Community Fund for allocating the money to their Youth Club.

Community Quiz Night News

11:03am Friday 1st March 2013

Februarys Quiz Night was attended by 11 teams, (55 quizzers in total) and was held by Quiz Mistress Cynthia who taxed the community’s brains with a fine mix of brainteasers. The “Happy Snappers” won the £25.00 cash prize, with runners up “Mixed Bunch” being awarded a healthy round of applause.

Art In The Park

10:42am Friday 1st March 2013

Two registered charities (Waterside Weymouth Community Forum & Weymouth Community Volunteers) are working together on the latest “street art” project. “Art in the Park”. They will be repainting the Park Community Centre Chelmsford Street.  Weymouth Community Volunteers have a gang of willing volunteers who are very happy to give up their free time to help the Community Centre which is the hub of the Park District and is used every day by various community groups and organisations, it has no paid workers and is soley run by volunteers. The paint has been supplied by Dulux, (with help from Groundwork South, another community charity based in the South). The paint will be used for painting the hall, used by many organisations, including the Park Youth club who are keen to put outline silhouettes of themselves on the lower part of the walls.  The stairwell, small kitchen and reception area will all be painted to give the centre a more professional and welcoming feeling. The recycling centre will be given a lick of paint to brighten up the doors and the wooden planters will be given a fresh colour to brighten the area up around the train station. The second part of the project is to paint artwork on boards which will be placed in and around the park area – to brighten the area up and give residents a stronger pride in their area.   And this is where the whole community can join in. You do not have to be an artist. Guidance will be given to all age groups by local artist Pete Sheridan, who will be on hand with designs and stensils. And there is a rumour there will even be refreshments. So If you want to come along and paint a board:- The venue and dates are:- All being held at The Park Community Centre Chelmsford Street, Weymouth

Community Quiz Night

10:26pm Thursday 7th February 2013

The next Community Quiz Night will be held on Saturday February 23 at 7pm at The Park Community Centre Chelmsford Street, Weymouth. As usual it costs £3.00 per person, teams can now be upto 6 people, and you can come along with your own ready made team or take pot luck and join a team on the night. The entry fee also includes a light buffet! This Quiz has been steadily  increasing in popularity in recent months and as a result the evenings have become more and more entertaining.

Park District Youth - A Great Night of Gladiator Fun

Dorset Echo: PDY members keeping a close eye on the competition

9:54pm Thursday 7th February 2013

Only one Great Night of Gladiatorial Fun!

Working with You - The Community - A Round Up

5:36pm Friday 1st February 2013

Working With You (The Community)  - Friday 235th January

Community News

5:31pm Friday 1st February 2013

News from The Community

Pass on Your Skills

5:26pm Friday 1st February 2013

Call for knitters/Crochetists? Who would like to pass on their “knitting know how” to future generations at the Dorset Women’s Day Event.

Westerhall Crossing Revamp Overdue

8:26pm Wednesday 9th January 2013

2012 was a good year in many ways but for me it was blighted due to an accident at  the zebra crossing at Westerhall/Dorchester Rd/Carlton Road at the beginning of October. Now, every time I  drive past this Zebra crossing, it  is brought home to me how poor the visibility is, and how difficult it is to see anyone, but especially the smaller pedestrians, approaching the crossing.  Every time I use the crossing as a pedestrian, (especially on my way to physiotherapy) I realise how many cars don’t realise that a pedestrian is waiting to cross, and I count the number of times I have stood at the road side while car after car goes past without stopping.  Everytime I approach the crossing as a driver I find myself slowing down in an attempt to see any pedestrians waiting to use the crossing. As a driver, I may not have hit anyone myself, but I realise this doesn’t mean there is not an issue with the layout.  If you also think this crossing could do with some improvement, please email me. In the meantime I would like to send out my (very belated) thanks to all the Mums who stopped and offered help and support to me, and also to all their well behaved children for allowing their help to be offered, as well as all the fire crew, ambulance and police who attended. This was truly a most scary time of my life, and I really cannot imagine why this crossing has not been reviewed by the powers that be. Maybe 2013 can be the year this crossing gets a revamp at the very least and a replan at the best.

Public Meeting, Crime, Floods & Horticulture

8:18pm Wednesday 9th January 2013

News from the Park Community Centre, Chelmsford Street, Weymouth

Christmas Opening & Closing at The Park Community Centre

9:42pm Wednesday 12th December 2012

Christmas Opening/Closing Times At The Park Community Centre Chelmsford Street Weymouth

Carol Singing open to everyone in the Park District

8:11pm Wednesday 5th December 2012

Just a quick reminder to everyone who wanted to take part in The Group Carol Singing session that we start from the Park Community Centre  Chelmsford Street Weymouth at 7pm and wander around the streets in an semi organised fashion, singing well loved carols (to the basic tune we all mostly learnt as children) and reducing our neighbours to tears, (with the beauty of our voices - of course!)

Short Mat Bowls postponed over xmas

8:02pm Wednesday 5th December 2012

Short Mat Bowls  takes place every Tuesday morning at the Park Community Centre, Chelmsford Street, Weymouth from 10 until 12 Noon and again on Tuesday Evening from 7 until 9pm. 

Sparkle In the Park

Dorset Echo: Sparkle In the Park

7:49pm Wednesday 5th December 2012

Sparkle all Night Long

Lets Make It Updated

7:33pm Wednesday 5th December 2012

Stuck for something to do in the New Year? Lets Make It workshops have 3 new sessions that will teach you all a brand new craft that you can pass on and on and on.

Community Centre News

4:44pm Thursday 29th November 2012

Changes and News from The Park Community Centre Chelmsford Street, Weymouth

Over 50 and want to be Sociable?

4:31pm Thursday 29th November 2012

What can you get up to with like minded, similar aged friends in the Park District Weymouth? Trips, Talks, Meals, Mystery Pub Visits, to name but a few.

Cakes Carols & Christingle

4:09pm Thursday 29th November 2012

Sunday December 9 at 4.30pm is the time for “Cakes Carols & Christingle” at The Park Church Centre/Park Community Centre Chelmsford Street Weymouth..

Calling all Carollers... Christmas Carol Singing in The Park District

Dorset Echo: Calling all Carollers... Christmas Carol Singing in The Park District

3:56pm Thursday 29th November 2012

I heard a rumour Christmas was approaching fast, and when I received my email from Tim Greenslade at St Johns Church about the annual Carol Singing I knew I wasn’t mistaken. As usual we all meet up at the Park Community Centre on Chelmsford Street at 7pm on Tuesday December 11 and Wednesday December 12 2012. We get ourselves organised, hand out the carol sheets, who is going to hold the words, who holds the torch and off we go, An hour is normally the limit, but it doesn’t matter if you are not able to manage that long. Anyone can join in; there are no special verses or tunes that no one else knows. It’s the Christmas Carols we were (mostly) brought up singing. In previous years carol sheets were provided, but it is advisable to bring yourself a way of lighting them up so you can see what your singing.  Generally we don’t go out of our way to collect money, but if some is offered it is usually passed onto the Mayors Charity Fund. I myself have taken part in previous years and on occasion had even noticed that our renditions had reduced our neighbours to tears, I like to think because of the songs we sang and the way in which we sang them.

Art In The Park,

3:51pm Thursday 29th November 2012

The Waterside Art Group is held at the Park Community Centre every Thursday from 10 until 12 Noon. The Group will be continuing all the way through the Christmas Season, with no days off for good behaviour!  

Quizzing In The Park

3:47pm Thursday 29th November 2012

Park Community Quiz Results from Saturday November 24

Jumble sale at Community Centre

2:00pm Monday 22nd October 2012

The Park Community Centre at Chelmsford Street Weymouth will be holding a Jumble Sale on Saturday October 27 from 10.30am. Any clean, serviceable jumble can be left with our volunteers at the centre, Monday to Friday between 10am and noon.

Park Community Macmillan Coffee Morning beats previous years fund raising event.

10:46pm Friday 12th October 2012

The Park Community supports Macmillan Coffee Morning 2012

Park Community Centre News and Dates

Dorset Echo: Waterside Singers at Weymouth Bay Methodist Church singing "Stairway to Heaven" December 2010

10:30pm Friday 12th October 2012

A few of the varied events and ongoing classes and groups that are run from the Centre. Something for all ages and pockets. There is so much more available, please do pop in, the centre is open weekday mornings from 10am until 12.00 noon.

Body Flex Classes at Weymouth Bay Methodist Church

Dorset Echo: Grazina Ellis in Concert 2012

10:07pm Friday 12th October 2012

When we were toddlers we breathed correctly, but as we grow older many of us lose the knack. This class is for breathing and stretching and retrains our breathing technique. If you find you lift your chest as you breathe in, then you are "filling up" instead of "breathing deep"

Brownies at St Augustines Roman Catholic Church Dorchester Road Weymouth

9:59pm Friday 12th October 2012

St Augustine’s Roman Catholic Church at 38 Dorchester Road, Weymouth may have closed down but Brownies/ Girl Guides can still be found in the Hall on Wednesday nights from 5 pm until 6.30pm. Lorna Channock has taken over with Jodie Edwards as her assistant and together they have lots of activities planned for this term. So if you have a daughter aged 7 to 10 and would like her to learn some team bonding skills as well as developing many other talents through bag making, apple tasting, hula hoop weaving, scarecrow making, plaited weather men, and playing and learning new games, then Lorna and Jodie would be delighted to see you at the Hall. As an added enticement, Lorna is also organising a Brownie Pack holiday for Easter so if you would like to know more, she can be found at St Augustine’s Roman Catholic Church Hall at 38 Dorchester Road Weymouth on Wednesdays from 5pm until 6.30pm.  

Community Forum News

Dorset Echo: Flood waters in Chelmsford Street in July

8:38pm Wednesday 19th September 2012

The Sea Front Stall on the Esplanade took place on Saturday September 15 . The Forum Treasurer, Dave Burchill, announced that the combination of volunteers and good weather made the stall a success with £283.87 being raised for the Forum coffers .  Dave would like to send a huge thank you to everyone who donated his or her quality items, helped to get it ready, volunteered for working on the stall and who came along on the day and bought something from them.

New Times for Dance Mat Sessions at Park Community Centre

8:25pm Wednesday 19th September 2012

The Dance Mat Sessions at The Park Community Centre,  Chelmsford Street, Weymouth are restarting on Friday September 21 and continue for the following five Fridays, so that’s September 28, October 5th, October 12th and October 19th . However the times have now changed and are now from 4 – 5 pm for the easy workout , and from 5  - 6 for those with  increased fitness levels . These sessions are FREE! All ages and abilities are welcome, Children under 12 must be supervised by an adult. All you need to bring is flat shoes with no slip soles or trainers.  

Classes & Groups Restart at The Park Community Centre

Dorset Echo: The 1st ever performance of Waterside Singers

5:21pm Wednesday 22nd August 2012

It’s the end of the Summer Holidays, and its now time for all the groups and classes to get back into full swing at The Park Community Centre Chelmsford Street, Weymouth.

Next Community Quiz September 1st 2012 7pm

1:41pm Sunday 19th August 2012

The Next Community Quiz is on Saturday August 25 at 7pm Cost is £3.00 per person

July & August Events In The Park Area

7:31pm Saturday 7th July 2012

REFRESH 2012 - at Weymouth Bay Methodist Church, 32 Melcombe Avenue Weymouth DT4 7TH & Updates for The Park Community Centre , Chelmsford Street, Weymouth. 01305 839579


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