Sainsbury’s Jelly - 7p

Yep, that’s right, only seven pence. What else could you buy for that these days? The packaging proudly declared ‘less bite more wobble’ and by thunder Mr J Sainsbury was right. 4/5

Tesco - 19p

A nice texture that held its shape after a night spent in the fridge. But it was a trifle too strong in the taste department for my palette, with a strong artificial flavour. 3/5

Jumpin Jelly for Aldi- 19p

Fun name equals fun taste, or that was what I hoped. The jelly was extremely light to the touch and at times as slippery as a fish. Not bad flavour, but the poor consistency let it down. 3/5

Castello for Lidl - 19p

Really looked the business when it wobbled into the cold light of day. However on further inspection this was as chewy as a Wellington boot. As for the suspicious smell of burnt rubber, the less said the better. 2/5

Asda - 7p

Like the bright colours of a venomous snake, this jelly gave off a warning with its hideous green and white basic packaging. A very peculiar taste with a smell of school PVA glue. 1/5