Sainsbury’s Croissants - 88p

If you were served these tiny nuggets in a patisserie, you may want your money back. But let’s not be so hasty. These buttery beauties were delicious and would be the cream of the crop if they were slightly larger. 4/5

Marks and Spencer Croissants - 98p

The most gargantuan of all tested – the size croissants oughta be. They were flaky and buttery, which left a reassuring layer of grease on my hands. Have a warm post-breakfast flannel ready and enjoy.


Asda Croissants - 32p

These looked small and a little overcooked. Biting into one revealed not the layers of pastry I was expecting but one spongy mass. A little on the dry side but a good all-round croissant. 3/5

Lidl Croissants - 69p

The packaging says “croissants” but this is a bit misleading. Lidl couldn't even make them the proper shape. They weren't very buttery and tasted bland. Definitely lacking a certain va va voom. 2/5

Aldi Croissants - 88p

These go head-to-head with Lidl for the dimensionally challenged crown. Yet Aldi have worked some bakery magic by creating a bouncy, moist and buttery croissant. Brings back memories of holidays in Provence. 3/5