If you partied hard over the festive period then cranberry juice is the drink you need.

It helps repair your liver, wards off infections, lowers the risk of heart disease and provides antioxidant benefits. But which is the best?

Marks & Spencer (£1.19)

This beautifully packaged product immediately caught our eye. Rich ruby red in colour, the contents didn’t disappoint. Sufficiently sweet with that trademark slightly sour aftertaste – a refreshing beverage. 4/5

ASDA (67p)

Almost fluorescent in colour, it wasn’t only the shade of this juice that seemed artificial. What little flavour the juice could muster was strangely synthetic. 2/5

Tesco (67p)

Rather pale, almost peachy in colour, this looks a little watered down – hardly surprising when you see that it only contains 12 per cent cranberry juice from concentrate. This weak contender tasted more like strawberry juice. 2.5/5

Waitrose (£1.69)

Another anaemic looking juice, slightly less tart, but also less tasty than its stronger contemporaries. Not unpleasant, although we were slightly concerned about the odd-looking sediments floating around the glass – not to mention the bitty residue left behind. 2.5/5

Ocean Spray (88p for 1l)

Awash with goodness and crammed with vitamin C, this juice has a sweet, syrupy taste and a dazzling, delicious colour. Ocean Spray claims to cultivate, nurture and harvest its crop to ensure the very best and we’re inclined to agree. 4.5/5