Ambrosia Devon, 58p.

How did this classic store cupboard staple measure up to the others? Well, it was certainly the richest looking, smooth, creamy and pourable with a similar taste to whippy ice cream. Lost a point though for its ‘strange packet aftertaste’. 4/5

Tesco Ready To Serve Custard, 43p.

Less than six per cent fat. A runny and smooth offering, which didn’t taste that ‘low fat’ but it seemed sweeter than the others.

It did though taste like the custard in a rhubarb and custard boiled sweet or like those custard cream biscuits. The kids might like it. 3/5

Salco Custard for Lidl, 45p

Probably the thickest of the lot: It doesn’t so much pour as dollop. And despite being made with dairy cream, it was a bit ‘thin’ tasting. Yet it did have a good milky flavour. 3/5

Tesco Value Custard, 25p

This was the palest custard and relatively thin. In my book, this was not eggy enough to be a custard and tasted unnatural rather like powdered coffee creamer.2/5

Delicious Desserts Creamy Custard for Aldi, 45p

A thick and hearty fresh custard with that good traditional taste and the right balance of everything. This would be equally comfortable hot on a suet pudding or cold in a trifle. Yum. 5/5