I’ve been looking in vain around my local DIY store for a Build-Your-Own-Ark kit. Apparently, they’ve all sold out.

Some bloke with a beard called Noah snapped up the last one, the chap in the shop said.

Now this can only mean one thing, apart from monsoon conditions: there’s a bank holiday weekend approaching and there’s a feast of live music for you gig-hungry punters.

First up is the Lazy Lizard’s humongous Spring Break, which takes place on Sunday, May 6, at the Weymouth seafront venue.

On the bill for this monster are, in no particular order: Stereoironics, Speedway Snails, Thomas and the Mock-Ups, Cheap Shots, Till There was Uke, Mad Hatters and many more solo artists and DJs.

The fun starts at 3pm and carries on into the early hours of Monday.

Also taking place in Weymouth on Sunday, May 6, is the Rendezvous’ Mayfest which again has a top line-up of local talent, including Danny and the Goosemen, Hustle, Surfing Birds, Tom Caulfield, Ansell and Gretal and a whole shedful more from 3pm until the small hours on Monday.

And up in Dorchester there’s the TUC May Day event in the Borough Gardens, featuring Tia Roos, Bag of Rats, Design, Little Victory, Lazibyrd and Kipper.

Now, according to my Bon Jovi satnav, we’re halfway there and if you’re looking for something to amuse yourself on a sad, lonely night, look up the word ubiquitous in the dictionary.

You’ll see the definition written thus: U-biq-uit-ous: (adjective) Being everywhere, especially at the same time; omnipresent. eg; Drummer Barney Stevens.

Go on, have a look if you don’t believe me.

Anyways, Barney is celebrating his 30th birthday tomorrow night, Saturday, May 5, with a bash at the Lazy Lizard in Weymouth and there’s just a mere three of the bands he sits in with – The Lo Numbers, Shooter and Hustle – on stage.

In local terms, that’s like being the drummer with The Who, The Beatles and Chic. How cool would that be?

Congratulations to Barney, a top drummer and real stand-up (or, in his case, sit-down) bloke and I’m sure it’s going to be a fantastic night.

Moving on, it’s great to welcome back a venue to the live music scene.

Step forward then the Cornwall Hotel in Dorchester which is no longer a derelict Indian restaurant but has now returned to its former role as local pub and live music venue.

This weekend, Brighton three-piece WOB are bringing their folk/punk brand of rock ‘n’ roll to the county town on Saturday, May 5, while fiddler extraordinaire Nina Garcia will be there on the Sunday, May 6, from 4pm. Good luck to all concerned at the Cornwall!

Right, that’s it for this week. I’m off to get an umbrella. Who knows how long this drought will last. Till next time...