IT WAS powerful, evocative and truly beautiful.

As a novice, not only to the style of dance, but more specifically to Moscow City Ballet, Swan Lake was a treat to watch and listen to, at the Lighthouse, in Poole.

Full of stunning costumes, make-up and sets, Swan Lake told the story of a Prince and the white swan, Odette, he falls in love with.

The audience should put to one side the stigma of ballet being high-brow, and instead appreciate the wonder of humans in choreographed dance.

The movements were so true to life as the swans fluttered their feathers and floated across the stage.

All of the dancers, from the jester to the evil sorcerer Von Rothbart, command nothing but respect for the way they twirl, arabesque and pirhouette.

My first evening watching ballet will certainly not be my last - but Swan Lake has certainly set a high standard to top.