“We’ve only played Bournemouth twice” announces Tim Burgess from the stage at the Old Fire Station last night, “and the first time was a few hours ago!”.

He’s referring of course to the free low key acoustic warm set up he played earlier on this afternoon at Boscombe’s Boscanova Café.

Anyone who had bought a ticket for tonight’s show was invited. This is a low key event in itself however, with only a couple of hundred attendees and it marks the last night of a string of dates to promote Tim’s second Solo effort and first in nine years, Oh No I Love You.

He’s joined on stage with longtime Charlatans guitarist Mark Collins and Primal Scream’s Martin Duffy on the Hammond organ. The sound of the new material reflects the fact it was recorded in LA with Kurt Wagner of legendary American alternative country rock outfit, Lambchop.

It’s a million miles away from the Charlatans sound and anyone expecting to hear a greatest hits set was no doubt disappointed, although they did manage to squeeze a couple in at the end of the set.

“Who likes Cover versions?” He asks before, “let’s do a Charlatans cover”, and playing ‘The Impossible’”.

Highlights of the set comes in the form of new track Tobacco Fields that is almost Leonard Cohen-esque in its delivery, stripped down beauty that really does demand further listening.

It’s a great evening and Tim takes the time to meet and chat to his fans at the end of the night and sign copies of his new album whilst posing for photos.

Anyone looking for something a bit different and downright beautiful should seek out the new Tim Burgess record.

Nick Marrow