It could be argued that the 90s television programme Stars In Their Eyes played a vital part in the rise and rise of the tribute act.

Leslie Crowther, Matthew Kelly and Cat Deeley were an essential part of our Saturday evenings, as much as crispy pancakes and spaghetti hoops and the classified football results.

Even so, for every Cliff Richard or Patsy Cline, I was hoping for a Scott Walker or a Jane Birkin.

But the one line I always wanted to hear but never did throughout the programme’s 26-year lifespan was: “Tonight, Matthew, I’m going to be…. Slipknot.”

You can only imagine the outrage and shock that would have ensued. Or you can get to the Weymouth Pavilion tomorrow evening, Saturday, September 1, for a full-on evening of mentalist tribute acts which should be christened Stars In their Bloodshot Eyes and Bleeding Ears.

Top of the bill are Knotslip (blimey, I’ve just got what they did there), the UK’s only act dedicated to the controversial and provocative US extreme metal merchants.

Not only do they promise a mahoosive sound, lights and pyrotechnic system, by the look of them in the picture on this page, they could do you a good deal on a new exhaust for your Vauxhall Astra.

Also on the bill are Jilted Generation, the planet’s only tribute to twisted firestarters The Prodigy, local heroes 8 Days Later who will be doing Green Day and Silly Band will be having a crack at System of A Down’s back catalogue. Good luck with that, then...

Tickets for this Hourglass Promotions night are £7 in advance from the Pavilion box office on 01305 783225 and doors open at 6pm.

Now for something completely different...

Folk music has never been more popular and the Sunray Folk Club, which meets every month at Broadmayne village hall with some really exciting and interesting artists, is opening a new branch.

They’ll be meeting at the Sunray pub in Osmington on the first Tuesday of every month and their debut is next week, Tuesday, September 3, from 8pm. If you want a gig there, contact organiser Bob Kirkpatrick at And finally, when bands split, it can sometimes be more horrific than a divorce.

Who keeps the toaster, or the PA and the lights?

But, as The Ronettes once profoundly said, the best part of breaking up is making up, so it’s a warm welcome back to ACBBs, one of the most popular rock outfits round these parts for many a year.

They’re at The Lounge Bar above the Colwell Centre in Weymouth tonight, Friday, August 31, and at the Black Dog in Weymouth next Friday, September 7.

Right, that’s it for this week. I’m just off to take this lion costume back to the fancy dress shop.