The problem with WPBC’s new August Jobshare Scheme – councillors popping up all over town soliciting advice from residents on the future of Weymouth – is that local people have been so ground down with mediocrity that they wouldn't know a modern, functioning community if it rose up out of Radipole Lake and bit them on the backside.

The online reaction to my gripe about Weymouth being incapable of organising the most basic of operations, such as all buses meeting trains at the station was telling: ‘We don't want any of your fancy integrated transport systems around here mate’.

I fear all hope is lost.

I blame successive govern-ments for duping Joe Public into thinking the UK is already some sort of progressive utopia.

Anyone under this delusion should get out more.

If I paid your lavish council tax I would insist my five-point plan for a better Weymouth be implemented tomorrow:

  • Build the LOCOG-promised transport hub at the station (it’s only bus science, not rocket science, folks)
  • Build a decent hotel.
  • Demolish the dismal drainpipe overlooking the bay and use it as a torpedo tube to sink half the boats in the harbour, which is currently just an ugly car park for ugly boats.
  • Close all the roads round the harbour, the best part of town, and use the area – not for cheap nasty looking houses or for car parking – but as an entertainment area for bars, cafes, restauruants, gardens, promenades, whatever.
  • Finally hire a seagull sniper. (bumper stickers available).

Steve White
148 Almere