THE Echo published an article on the progress of the Green Party campaign to renationalise the railways (August 19).

Since then we've had lots of positive responses online, thank you for your support!

Comments were also made about the importance of bus services across Dorset, and we couldn’t agree more.

They are a lifeline for Dorset, connecting villages and towns, and homes and workplaces.

That’s why last winter, Greens fought against cuts to bus subsidies and services connecting Lyme Regis and Swanage to the bigger towns.

The success of our campaign and the pressure of many other organisations and individuals saw the size of the cutbacks reduced – a small success.

However, as a community we can't stop there, our public transport needs to be affordable, regular and reliable if it is to support people all across Dorset, and this can’t be done when trains are only working for shareholders, and bus services are being repeatedly cut back!

These counterproductive measures will only weaken Dorset’s economy and trap people from travelling to schools, jobs and high streets.

Only a well-financed bus service and public ownership of our railways will ensure these essential services are always provided.

Lloyd Hatton
West and South Dorset Young Greens