About two months ago, if memory serves me correctly, you published a letter in which the correspondent, quite rightly, raised considerable disquiet about what he felt was a flagrant breach of health and safety rules apropos a small section of the new cycle path.

The enclosed photograph shows exactly what he had in mind.

This is what motorists see as they drive along Weymouth Way, heading in the direction of Manor roundabout.

The danger is clear: an out of control mobile scooter, skate-boarder, cyclist or young-ster on a scooter would be hurled directly into the path of oncoming traffic.

There is no safety barrier, fencing or screening to prevent such a scenario developing.

I am genuinely astonished that no remedial work has been undertaken to remove the disturbing possibility of another fatality or serious accident on an already blighted section of road.

The original correspondent suggested fencing at the foot of this steep incline. I agree, but would also like to see a crash barrier along this section of road.

I believe that this section of cycle path should be closed until such work is agreed and completed.

Peter Jarvis

Woodward Place