MPs: Robert Walter MP; Molly Scott Cato MEP;

North Dorset (House of Commons)

Mr Robert Walter MP (Conservative)

Surgery: Aug 22

For further details, or to make an appointment, please email or telephone 01258 452 585.
Sep 13

For further details, or to make an appointment, please email or telephone 01258 452 585.
Oct 11

Surgery Tel: 01258 452 585

MP Since - 1997 Majority - 7,625 Born - 30/05/1948. Widower, 2 sons & 1 daughter; Divorced.
Education - Lord Weymouth School, Warminster, Aston University, Birmingham.

Previous Occupation - Former Sheep Farmer, South Devon; Director and Vice President of Aubrey G Langston & Co. (1986-97); Member London Stock Exchange (1983-86); Visiting Lecturer in East-West Trade, University of Westminster.

Personal Overview - Has a background in farming and in business. One of his key interests appears to be European issues, an area where he is likely to have some knowledge and a positive attitude. His career to date has remained on the back benches, where he has held a number of Select Committee memberships.
Political History - Chairman of the Conservative Group for Europe (1992-95). MP North Dorset (1997-). Vice Chairman of the Conservative Agriculture, Fisheries & Food Committee (1997-99), Secretary of the Conservative Party Committee for European Affairs Committee (1997-99). Member of the Health Select Committee (1997-99) Member of the Unopposed Bills (Panel) Select Committees (1997-). Member of the European Scrutiny Select Committee (1999). Opposition Spokesman for Constitutional Affairs (Wales) (1999-2001). Member of the International Development Select Committee (2001-03), Treasury Select Committee (2003-05) & Treasury Sub Committee (2004-).
Characteristics - Former Chairman of the European Democrat Forum, and a member of the Conservative Foreign and Commonwealth Council. Freeman of the City of London, and founder member of the Wiltshire Europe Society. A School Governor.

Business Tel: 020 7219 6981


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Interests: Environment,European Issues,General Trade & Industry,Foreign Affairs,East-West Trade

Commitee membership
  • Agriculture and Food for Development Group (Member)
  • Cardiac Risk in the Young Group (Member)
  • Carers Group (Member)
  • Cider Group (Member)
  • Citizens Advice Group (Member)
  • Community Development in Europe Group (Member)
  • Entrepreneurship Group (Member)
  • European Union Group (Secretary)
  • Wholesale Financial Markets and Services (Associate Group) (Member)
  • Prevention of Genocide and Crimes against Humanity Group (Member)
  • Greyhound Group (Member)
  • Highway Maintenance Group (Member)
  • Human Rights Group (Vice Chairman)
  • Huntington's Disease Group (Member)
  • Lighting Group (Member)
  • Mobile Homes Group (Member)
  • Print Group (Member)
  • Respiratory Health Group (Member)
  • Retail Group (Member)
  • Rugby League Group (Member)
  • Commons and Lords Rugby Union Football Club Group (Member)
  • Rugby Union Group (Vice Chairman)
  • Sailing and Marine Leisure Group (Treasurer)
  • Spinal Cord Injury Group (Member)
  • Sustainable Housing Group (Member)
  • Thalidomide and other Harmful Drugs prescribed during Pregnancy Group (Member)
  • Thrombosis Group (Member)
  • Transatlantic and International Security Group (Member)
  • Wine and Spirit Group (Member)
  • Austria Group (Member)
  • Belgium Group (Chairman)
  • British-Belize Group (Member)
  • Botswana Group (Member)
  • British Caribbean Group (Treasurer)
  • British-Central American Group (Member)
  • Croatia Group (Vice Chairman)
  • Ethiopia and Djibouti Group (Member)
  • British-Finnish Group (Member)
  • Greece Group (Member)
  • British-Icelandic Group (Member)
  • Indonesia Group (Member)
  • British-Italian Group (Member)
  • British-Japanese Group (Treasurer)
  • Macedonia Group (Member)
  • British-Maldives Group (Member)
  • Morocco Group (Vice Chairman)
  • Netherlands Group (Vice Chairman)
  • Britain-Palestine Group (Member)
  • Romania Group (Vice Chairman)
  • Serbia Group (Member)
  • UK-Singapore Group (Member)
  • British-Swedish Group (Vice Chairman)
  • British-Syria Group (Treasurer)
  • Thailand Group (Member)
  • Turkey Group (Secretary)
  • Turks and Caicos Islands Group (Vice Chairman)
  • Vietnam Group (Member)
  • Western Sahara Group (Member)


South West (European Parliament)

Dr Molly Scott Cato MEP (Green)

MEP Since - 2014. Born - 1963. 3 Children.
Education - Bath High School. Oxford University, MA Politics, Philosophy and Economics. University of Wales, Aberystwyth, PhD in Economics. The Open University, MSc in Advanced Social Research Methods.
Previous Occupation - Director of Wales Institute for Research into Co-operatives. Reader in Green Economics at the Cardiff School of Management (2008-12). Professor of Strategy and Sustainability in the Business School, University of Roehampton (2012-14).

Personal Overview - From an academic background, her main focus has been on the 'Green Economy' and associated issues of trade, work, money and cooperatives with an objective of replacing capitalism with an economic system which is benign for people and the planet. Although working in London at the University of Roehampton prior to her election, she is originally from Bath and has lived in Stroud where she has been a District Councillor and active in the Green Party for over 20 years. In the local area she has also been active as a member of the core group of 'Transition Stroud', a group working on the transition to a locally based low carbon lifestyle, where she has co-ordinated its Lifestyles and Livelihoods working group. She is likely to favour a more locally orientated economy, where CO2 emissions are reduced with less goods being transported long distances, promoting local employment and supporting activities such as Farmers' markets. She has also been commissioned to produce research which has included a report for the Association of Green Councillors on the subject of Using Best Value to Encourage Green Procurement in Local Authorities.

Political History - Joined the Green Party (1988). She has been Co-Chair of the Green Party Regional Council and served on the Green Party Executive as Campaigns Co-ordinator. Green Party General Election candidate for Preseli Pembrokeshire constituency (1997 and 2005). European Election candidate, twice in Wales, South West Region (2009). Councillor, Stroud District Council (2011-). Green Group Leader (2012-14). Has been a Spokesperson for the Green Party on Economics. MEP South West Region (2014-). Member of the Delegation for relations with Mercosur (2014-). Member of the Delegation to the Euro-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly (2014-). Substitute member of the Delegation for relations with the Federative Republic of Brazil (2014-). Member of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs (2014-). Substitute member of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development (2014-).

Other Information - Has been a member of the core group of Stroud Community Agriculture and a Director of Stroud Common Wealth. Author of a book, Market, Schmarket.

Intergroups - N/a.

Business Tel: +32(0)2 28 45737


Interests: Environment,Agriculture,General Trade & Industry,Climate Change,Education & Training,Uk Economy,Employment

Commitee membership
  • Agriculture & Rural Development (Substitute)
  • Economic & Monetary Affairs (Member)


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