A MISSING dog that has been the centre of a huge appeal has been spotted twice in Weymouth, giving its owner renewed hope.

Dawn Weaver’s papillon Dancer, pictured left, was seen on Tuesday evening, October 23, in Longcroft Road and Wednesday morning, October 24, in Links Road. In both incidents, the dog ran away.

One witness said the dog looked well-fed, prompting Miss Weaver to believe she had been taken in by someone since her disappearance on September 17.

Miss Weaver said: “She is a very scared little dog that doesn’t know what to do.

“I am extremely worried that she may be hit by a car when frightened.

“The temperature is due to drop on Friday and she will not be able to survive long in the sort of weather that’s coming.”

Dancer ran away during a walk in Lodmoor Country Park after being frightened by a bicycle.

Since then, more than 7,000 leaflets and 200 posters have been distributed throughout the borough in a bid to get her back.

Miss Weaver is a champion dog trainer and was away in America, representing the UK in competitions, when Dancer went missing.

She said: “I just want my beloved Dancer home safe and sound.

“I would ask everyone to please look out for her and to check their gardens and anywhere she might be hiding.

“If you do find her in your garden please just try to close the gate so she cannot escape. Please do not approach her, just call and we will come immediately.”

If you spot Dancer, call 0781 348 8164 or email