A GLOBAL fundraiser called in to Weymouth and Portland to enlist support for an international aid project.

Brenda Banbury has been recruiting the help of Rotarians across the world to equip physiotherapy clinics in Benin, West Africa.

She flew from her home in Saskatoon, Canada, to view three $15,000 physiotherapy clinics in Benin that she has helped raise funds for.

Mrs Banbury visited the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy on Portland on her way back to Canada and called upon local Rotarians to join her in the fundraising efforts.

The visit was part of a tour of south west England in which Mrs Banbury gave presentations about the physiotherapy project.

Mrs Banbury said: “The population of Benin is seven million and there is one hospital to serve a million people.

“Therefore the need of physiotherapy is great and it’s one of the first services people need to access if they’ve had a stroke, a heart attack or injuries which need rehabilitation. These clinics are desperately needed.”

Three of 10 planned clinics are now up and running and serving a Benin community which has a desperate need for physiotherapy clinics.

Access to physiotherapy services will have a ‘profound impact’ on the treatment and progress of local residents, Mrs Banbury said.

Around 50 per cent of the money raised for the three clinics was spent in Benin’s capital Cotonou using local carpenters’ services for the clinic.

“We live taking our health care services for granted, a little money goes a long way to have a positive impact on the lives of thousands who need access to some of these same services,” Mrs Banbury said.

To find out more or to make a donation, email Brenda at bbanbury@yourlink.ca.