WEYMOUTH and Portland’s edition of Monopoly is passing ‘Go’ today.

It will be launched with the help of a giant replica Monopoly board which will be on display at the top of the Weymouth Sea Life Tower and with a 6ft tall Mr Monopoly sandman on Weymouth Beach.

All those launching the game will be wearing trademark Monopoly top hats.

Dan Taylor, co-creator of the board and manager for Winning Moves UK, said: “The board is a celebration of the region’s wonderful crown jewels.”

Ian Bruce, Weymouth and Portland Borough Council’s tourism and culture spokesman said: “We are delighted the makers of Monopoly have chosen our beautiful borough as a location for its iconic board game.

“This is yet another example of how the international profile of this beautiful part of Dorset is becoming legendary around the world.”

The Mr Monopoly sandman has been sculpted by SandWorld’s Mark Anderson and David Hicks.

People voted for Weymouth and Portland landmarks, including the Dorset Echo, to be featured on the game as substitutes for the well known London Monopoly streets.

The game has been tweaked for the borough, fining players for dropping litter on Chesil Beach. People are invited to come along to Weymouth Beach at the Pavilion end for the 10.30am unveiling today .