DORCHESTER’S Business Improvement District (BID) looks set to retain the support of West Dorset District Council ahead of a re-ballot next year.

Businesses in the county town will vote in spring or summer 2013 on whether to extend the BID scheme for a second five-year term.

Members of the council’s executive committee will discuss a report into the authority’s support of the BID when it meets on Tuesday next week.

The report, conducted by members of the efficiency scrutiny committee, draws together the findings of an investigation that considered the council’s role as one of the major levy payers in the town as well as being responsible for collection costs and conducting the BID ballot.

It states it recognises that ‘there are still businesses and individuals who question whether they are getting value for their levy’ and claims the new business plans for the BID’s second term would need to ‘address the concerns of doubters’.

However, the report concludes that, budgets permitting, the council should continue with the same level of support for the BID as it seeks re-election.

It states: “The BID has clearly contributed to the business environment in the town and helped WDDC, particularly in respect of parking, communication and signage improvements.”