SOUTH DORSET MP Richard Drax has written to the Prime Minister to voice his strong opposition to the legalisation of gay marriage.

Mr Drax wrote to David Cameron to say he was ‘saddened’ to hear the PM, supported by the Liberal Democrats, is reportedly planning to fast track a vote on the issue early in the New Year.

Mr Drax said he suspects that the PM intends to rush the legislation through in order to avoid the growing campaign to stop it.

Mr Drax said: “Many millions of people believe that ‘marriage’ can only be between a man and a woman. “In my view, there is no call for ‘marriage’ to be redefined, not even from the gay community, which now has equal rights.

“In fact, I believe it is disrespectful to those who believe that marriage is an integral part of the Christian faith. "Simply put, we must not legislate against the conscience of the Church.’’ Mr Drax said that if the government pressed on with the legislation in a ‘misguided search for popularity’ that they endangered the trust voters had place in them.