A WEYMOUTH man has been jailed for five years and eight months for smuggling drugs into Guernsey.
Sidney Caine Howitt, aged 21, of Culliford Way, Littlemoor, imported 96.64 grams of class B controlled drug mephedrone onto the Channel Islands, Guernsey Royal Court heard.
He admitted carrying four packages of mephedrone internally after being stopped by Guernsey Border Agency officers on July 18.
The drugs seized were worth between £6,000 and £8,000, the court heard.
Unemployed Howitt travelled to Guernsey on a Condor ferry from Poole, the court heard.
The court was told that Howitt said he was travelling alone and had come to Guernsey to celebrate his 21stt birthday with a friend whom he had met on Facebook and through online gaming.
Judge Russell Finch was told that upon further questioning, Howitt told the officers that he was carrying drugs internally. Whilst in custody, Howitt produced four packages that contained the mephedrone.
Upon sentencing, Judge Finch said: “It's time to wise up and take responsibility.”
He said he was sorry that drugs had clearly ruined the life of Howitt, and he sees the misery of drug use day after day.