A MAN wanted in connection with a brutal rape last week has been urged to give himself up.

Dean Goodwin has been on the run since last Friday and police have launched a huge manhunt that has spread to south and west Dorset.

The 32-year-old is a convicted sex offender and served 12 years for sex offences before being released last year.

Detective Superintendent Mark Cooper, the head of Dorset’s Major Crime Team, said: “Dean, I urge you to hand yourself in, for your own safety and the sake of your family. They are very worried about you.”

Around 40 dedicated detectives are involved, as well as an unspecified number of uniformed officers, some from the firearms unit.

Detective Supt Cooper added: “Every single police officer in the force has been briefed. I have full resources of the organisation at my disposal.”

He said: “My message to the public is to be cautious, not to approach him but to dial 999 or the two numbers that have been publicised through the Dorset Echo.”

He said Goodwin was wanted as a suspect in a “very violent offence.”

And he urged Goodwin to hand himself in to the nearest police station immediately. Colleague DI Marcus Hester said the assault on the young woman had been “particularly nasty”.

“We very quickly identified who we believe the offender for that assault is and that is Dean Goodwin.

“We need to have Mr Goodwin in custody as soon as is possible, both for his safety and benefit, and for the safety and benefit of the public.

“There is every reason to suspect that he may well offend again, just for him to survive, because we do not believe he has very much money with him.

“He was previously in prison for a serious sexual assault, an incident that occurred back in 2000.

“The public should be aware of him – we need them to assist us in locating him.

“They certainly should not approach him.

“They should call the police straight away but continue with their daily business.

“He is considered to be of concern. The fact this serious offence has taken place shows that he can be dangerous.

“It’s very urgent we locate him as soon as we possibly can.”

Anyone with information about Dean Goodwin should either call 000 or 0800 056 0154 or 0207 1580011.