A SERIES of three thought provoking sermons is being held at St Mary’s Parish Church in Bridport. They will explore the meaning of eternity in a post-modern world.

The Rev Canon Andrew Evans, rector of Bridport, will be the first preacher in the series at evensong on Sunday, January 6. Each of the monthly services of choral evensong will be at 4pm with the choir of St Mary’s directed by Peter Jezard.

Canon Evans, pictured right, said: “Previous preaching series have been successful, exploring what it means to be Anglican and the role of women in the church, past and present. “I hope that this New Year series will build on their success and will be going behind questions such as – what Jesus meant by the Kingdom of Heaven, are concepts of eternal life an echo of an echo of less rational and superstitious times and is Hell a place of fire and brimstone, of damnation and flames?”