A 16-YEAR-OLD Weymouth schoolboy has been given a two-year anti-social behaviour order after he admitted harassing his disabled neighbour.

Jacob Lemm, of Brisbane Road, Littlemoor, pleaded guilty to harassing Ryan McBride, aged 21, who has severe Asperger's Syndrome.

Lemm admitted being verbally abusive to Mr McBride on three separate occasions between June and September last year when he appeared at Weymouth Youth Court.

Prosecutor Elizabeth Valera said: “Lemm has admitted threatening Ryan and once saying that he was going to punch him.

“Lemm said he had no intention of assaulting him and that it was something he said in the spur of the moment.

“Ryan does have Asperger's Syndrome and it is severe and the effect this has had is significant and far-reaching.”

She added that Mr McBride's family is worried about him and that it has also affected his mother Karin and sister Shannon.

Miss Valera said: “Ryan is now afraid to go out of his home and doesn't want to be alone outside because he is afraid of what will happen to him.

“Lemm accepts one threat to punch him but Ryan says there has been a considerable amount more.

“Ryan has become introverted and quite different from the confident young man who was emerging a year ago.”

Chairman of the bench Colin Weston asked the defendant if there was anything he wanted to say about the offence.

Lemm said: “No, not really.”

His father spoke in court and said he was sorry for his son's actions.

He added: said: “Jacob is easily led and got in with a bad group.

“I'm sorry for his actions.”

In mitigation, Lucy Staddon-Snell said Lemm would not be able to pay compensation to Mr McBride because his father is on benefits and has three other sons.

Speaking to the defendant, Mr Weston said: “You have acted in an anti-social manner and people need protecting from further actions by you.

“There are now seven conditions you have got to abide by, if you do any of these things you will be committing a serious offence and may be sent to custody.”

The court order has a number of conditions, including that Lemm cannot leave his house between 9pm and 6am every day and is barred from entering an area of Littlemoor.

He is not allowed to enter any schools or school grounds in Weymouth, Dorchester and Portland unless as a registered student to attend a lesson.

Lemm was also ordered to pay £50 compensation to his victim.

Magistrates lifted reporting restrictions, which would normally prevent publication of the identity of a defendant under 18.

n rachael.burnett@dorsetecho.co.uk PANEL Speaking after the court hearing Karin McBride, Ryan's mum, said: “At least Jacob has admitted that he did it in the end and he'll be on curfew now for two years.

“It saved Ryan having to give evidence in court, which would have been difficult for him.

“He was getting a bit agitated and anxious waiting in court so it's good he didn't have to speak.

“I'm worried now that it will make Ryan withdraw even more.

“When he went out I would stand in the window and watch to make sure nothing happened.

“He's 21 he doesn't want to live like that and has had to adjust to what he's got.”

PANEL Conditions of the anti-social behaviour disorder: Not to act or incite others to act in an antisocial manner that is likely to case alarm or distress to others in Weymouth, Dorchester and Portland.

Not to use or incite others to use threatening, intimidating, abusive or insulting words in Dorchester, Weymouth and Portland.

Not to be found outside his home address in Brisbane Road between 9pm and 6am every day and must present himself to a police officer if required.

Not to enter a specific area in Littlemoor, Weymouth.

Not to enter any school or college premises or grounds in Weymouth, Dorchester and Portland unless a registered student attending classes at the natural time.

Not to associate in any way whatsoever with Saul Randal.

Not to be in possession of a mechanically propelled vehicle unless authorised to do so under the road traffic act or on private land.