THE world’s oldest paperboy, who is still delivering the Echo at the age of 93, is facing a battle for his title.

Pensioner Ted Ingram has had a paper round in Winterborne Monkton for 70 years.

He was recognised by the Guinness Book of Records, published in September, as the oldest paperboy.

The great-grandfather now has a rival for the record title in 93-year-old Newt Wallace who delivers The Winters Express in Winters, a town in northern California.

Damian Field, spokesman for Guinness World Records, said they were told by the Express that Mr Wallace is eight months older than the Dorset paperboy.

“If Newt Wallace’s claims are substantiated he will take the title of Oldest Newspaper Delivery Person.

“Until this time, Ted Ingram is still recognised as the Guinness World Record holder.”

The transfer of the record title now depends on Mr Wallace’s son Charley, the paper’s publisher, finishing the paperwork that Guinness World Record officials sent him weeks ago.

Mr Ingram, who turned 93 on Valentine’s Day, said the news will not stop him from delivering the Echo.

He said: “If you keep going you live longer.”

The tireless pensioner started the round in 1942 to supplement his income as a tractor driver working on the village’s Manor Farm.

He had to give up riding his bike for deliveries since he had his hip replaced and has since been getting around on foot due to his Peugeot 106 being out of use.

Mr Ingram added: “I’m only doing eight papers now for the village but I still enjoy my round.”

He said that he wouldn’t be too disappointed if he lost his title.

“Everyone in the village knows who I am and I enjoy having a chat.”

The tireless pensioner even drives to Dorchester every Saturday to play bowls.

And even finding out he had diabetes recently has not stopped him.

He injects himself with insulin every day.

“The last thing I want to do is stop and watch television all day,” he said.

“I’ve got to keep going and if it weren’t for my hip I’d be very fit.”

Mr Ingram was born in Broadwey and when he moved to Winterborne Monkton in 1938 all 13 houses were used by farm workers.

He has lived at three addresses along the same road.

Record title rival Mr Wallace was originally the publisher of the 2,300- circulation weekly, which he bought shortly after World War II, until he turned it over to his son in 1983.

After retiring, he chose to focus on delivering several dozen papers and starts his day by placing labels on the freshly-printed copies before setting off on his route.

He has been delivering on the same round since 1947.

He told the New York Times newspaper: “I don’t hunt or play golf, I deliver papers.”

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Name: Ted Ingram Age: 93 and one month Current job: Delivers the Dorset Echo Former job: Farm worker Address: Winterborne Monkton, Dorset


Name: Newt Wallace Age: 93 and nine months Current job: Delivers The Winters Express Former job: Publisher of The Winters Express Address: Winters, California