MORE sightings of the mysterious Dorset big cat have been reported after a sighting near Dorchester last week.

Lorry driver Kevin Paul Fillary told in the Echo how he saw a ‘large black panther’ on the prowl in a field near Monkey’s Jump roundabout.

The 42-year-old lorry driver was driving on the A35 from Weymouth to Bridport at around 3.30pm when he spotted the mysterious creature.

Now more people have come forward to tell of big cat encounters experienced in recent weeks.

Andrew Sheppard, of Littlemoor, claims to have seen ‘a very large big cat’ while he was driving back to Weymouth from Portsmouth.

He was on a rural road near Wimborne last Sunday when he spotted the mysterious creature.

Mr Sheppard said: “It wasn’t a fox or a deer or anything else.

“I’m convinced it was a big cat.

“It pounced on the wall by the side of the road and ran out in front of me.

“It was completely black, it looked like a panther.”

Steven Fisher, who lives in Holnest near Sherborne, said many locals there had seen what they think is a big cat in the area.

He added: “It is a quiet rural area with lots of forests and quite a few deer.

“I saw some large orange eyes one night reflected in my headlights as I came home.

“Have seen fleeting glimpses of a black animal but not long enough to confirm whether it is or not.

“I will say that it is much larger than the usual fox we see.

“We often find bits of deer around our garden.

“Last find was the bottom of a hind leg.

“The one before that, one of our dogs pulled an entire leg from behind a bush.”

Sightings of mysterious big cats in Dorset have sparked intense debate in recent years.

Many are convinced that there are panthers roaming the countryside while others maintain that with no conclusive proof of their existence that it is highly unlikely they exist in the wild.

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OVER the years each sighting has added a new twist to the mystery of the Dorset big cat.

A lamb in Bockhampton was savaged in March 2010, in what was believed to be a big cat attack.

The ‘Beast of Bockhampton’ struck in a field close to Jean and Tony Waterman’s farm.

A single lamb was taken from the Watermans’ flock and the behaviour of the sheep afterwards left the couple – who run Pine Lodge Farm and Tearooms in Bockhampton – suspecting they had been paid a visit by an unusual predator.

Vet Duncan Reavell looked at a picture of a deer thought to have been killed by the predator in the same year and said a big cat could have been responsible.

In January 2004, Margery Hookings, former editor of the Bridport News, claimed to have spotted a big black cat while driving on the A3066 road between Melplash and Beaminster.

The location is the same as a previous sighting by teenager Ashley Blanning, from Bridport, who witnessed a similar animal running down the field in September.

In the same year photographer Alan McNamee, of Bridport, had his first wild encounter.

He is now convinced of the existence of the animal and set up a team ready to respond to sightings.

Victoria Briggs, 31, of Weymouth, claims she saw a ‘big black cat’ in 2000 at Sea View Holiday Park in Preston while eating lunch with her mum.