STARRY eyed hopefuls still have a chance of seizing a place in a Hollywood blockbuster being filmed in West Dorset.

More than 350 people queued around the block for open auditions for extras for an adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s Far From the Madding Crowd.

The film is being shot in the west Dorset area this autumn and producers are looking for locals who look like they could have stepped straight from the 1800s to take part as extras.

The movie will star A list actress Carey Mulligan, who recently played Daisy Buchanan in the Baz Luhrman production of The Great Gatsby, as Bathsheba.

Guy Campbell, who is a second assistant director, said open casting sessions went very well in Bridport but said that there is still a chance for people to get involved.

He said: “We are now in the process of sorting through everyone so we can best decide how and where to use them.

“Over the next couple of weeks as I know more I will be able to start contacting people with potential filming dates.

“We are still looking for more people. Those we have are fantastic but we may need more.”

The production crew still need men aged 17 to 45. Mr Campbell urged people to get in touch as there was still time until filming began to fit the bill.

“And while those with beards go to the front of our queue, we can with a little make up magic create the look we need,” he said.

Hopefuls are asked to email a photo and contact details to dorsetfilming


THE new film is a collaboration between British production company DNA films, Fox Searchlight and the BBC.

It is being directed by Thomas Vinterberg. Miss Mulligan, who recently played Daisy Buchanan in the Baz Luhrman production of The Great Gatsby, will star as Bathsheba.

She will be joined by Tom Sturridge as Troy and Matthias Schoenaerts as Gabriel Oak.
Filming will begin in West Dorset, particularly around the Beaminster area, in mid-September and during October. 

The classic Thomas Hardy tale was also adapted for a classic 1967 film starring Julie Christie and Terence Stamp, pictured above.