AT first glance it’s difficult to see how combining a love of baking with punk music could result in a career.

But 25-year-old ex-Colfox School student Leigh Kearley from Bridport has managed to do just that with her Lacee Hearts cupcake business – with some help from appreciative musicians and the power of social media.

And now she’s been featured in the heavy metal music magazine Metal Hammer as its modern-day crusader in the August edition.

It all started for Leigh almost by accident last year when she was asked to make some cupcakes to thank the road crew of the Weymouth-based Hour-glass Promotions who put on a show during the Olympics featuring the band Funeral For A Friend.

Leigh said the cupcakes were so good the promoter didn’t want to waste them on the road team and gave them to the band instead.

Leigh said: “Their enthusiastic response went viral on Twitter and there were photos on Instagram and videos of them thanking me on YouTube.

“It went a little bit crazy and because of how much the band raved about them, the boss wanted it to become a regular thing every time they had a big show.”

The same thing happened a couple of months ago when she made cupcakes for one of her favourite bands, Canadian band Cancer Bats.

They were over doing a promo tour for their new album and they also loved her creations She added: “Again there were pictures on Twitter. I was personally thanked by the front guy.

“For more than 10 years that sort of music scene has been a lifesaver and I have great friends through it and to have the recognition from the bands I’ve been listening to was incredible.”

And the icing on her cake is being featured in the Metal Hammer magazine.

Part-time barmaid Leigh said she thinks she was singled out for their modern-day crusader spot because of the niche she’s carved out for herself.

“I’ve managed to amalgamate making cup cakes – a really girly thing, with a predominately male music scene.

“They have kind of meshed so well I’ve made myself a little niche.”

Her success has encouraged her to do a lot of blogging, both about what’s happening in her life and business and one aiming to help other people who want to bake.

“It’ll be a kind of ‘do it yourself’ where there will be things about baking and little treats and sweets that are so simple .”

Next month’s she’s booked to make 175 cupcakes for a sit-down cabaret night with the band The Computers at Weymouth Pavilion.

She added: “It’s the start of a very busy two years with weddings, birthdays and celebrations.”