The past week has been relatively quiet, taking into account half-term holidays, which can sometimes lead to an increase in calls to the police.

The poor weather may have contributed to this – as we often say that rain is a policeman’s friend.

One incident of note was an attempt to set fire to the ‘Station Pub’ in Weymouth Avenue and the criminal damage of a bus stop nearby.

The two incidents are linked and three local youths have been arrested and are currently on police bail.

It was only luck that prevented this becoming a serious fire with the potential to spread, causing serious damage and risk to others.

Thefts from vehicles and sheds continue with power tools still being targeted.

Please try and remove them from vans, mark them and make a note of serial numbers.

Do what you can to make sure your shed is not targeted. Chain saws seem to be a target at the moment. I am pleased that, overall, Halloween passed without many incidents of poor behaviour and the town seemed to be quiet.

There will be bonfire and firework events throughout this week. I would ask that the same consideration be given to those who do not want to take part in festivities – the biggest complaint being those that let off fireworks in the street without consideration for the safety of others.

Fireworks are dangerous and can cause serious injury if not respected.

We should also think about the impact that fireworks have on animals, not just our pets but livestock in surrounding fields.

The safest way to enjoy them is to attend one of the many organised events.

Last weekend also saw the festival of Diwali for the Hindu community and I hope that those celebrating had a happy holiday weekend.

My team will once again be at the town centre library tomorrow morning should you wish to air any concerns.