THE town is in for a splash of colour as a vandalism- busting competition begins.

Blank walls are soon to be set up in Dorchester so street artists can create some ‘good graffiti’ without damaging buildings.

And there will be an awards ceremony next April to celebrate the best pieces of art.

The project, an initiative by West Dorset District Council, will also be heading to Bridport and Sherborne.

The aim is that vandalism will be reduced as those who want to graffiti will channel their talents into something positive.

The location of the sites will be announced on Twitter at @goodgraffitiWD and the ‘Good Graffiti’ Facebook page in the next few weeks.

Coun Gillian Summers said: “This is a simple low-cost venture – no forms to fill out, no money to pay, and no age limit – just an opportunity to show what you can do so long as it’s in the right place.”