WEYMOUTH Beach and the call of the sea provided inspiration for the new single by homegrown pop star Bebe Black.

Her new release I’ll Wait, which has been getting regular airplay on BBC Radio 2 after making the playlist, is an autobiographical tale about relationship heartache and Bebe’s longing to be out of London and back in her hometown by the sea.

It is among the songs featured on the 25-year-old’s debut album Bury My Love which is due out soon.

An aspiration to film the music video for I’ll Wait along the Jurassic Coast couldn’t be met however and instead the Kent coast was chosen for the stylish film by Swedish director Magnus Härdner.

The video shows Bebe stripping off as she walks along a beach and wades out to sea.

She said: “I really wanted them to do it in Dorset, somewhere raw and wild. But they couldn’t get the permits to film in Dorset – a lot of the heritage coast is privately owned and apparently it’s difficult to get permits to film so in the end we filmed around Margate and Botany Bay.”

Bebe added: “The video is beautifully shot and artistic. It’s not sexual and my modesty is covered up. If it was crude I wouldn’t have been keen to do it.”

It has been a ‘rollercoaster’ of a year for former Budmouth College student Bebe who has been working on her album as well as other collaborations.

Her new song started life about four years ago before Bebe got her big break and signed to Columbia Records.

Back then, she was singing in the gypsy jazz duo Bebe and Paolo around pubs in Weymouth.

Bebe and Paolo came first in a Dorset Echo Battle of the Bands competition, earning them a slot at Camp Bestival in 2009.

Bebe said of her new single: “The song is about when I lived in London the first time and I was in a relationship which wasn’t nice.

“I wanted to come home, back to the beach. Weymouth is a bit of a haven and it has a real pull. Anyone who’s lived here and been away will know.

“I have received emails from people around the world saying how they love the song and identify with it. That’s a wonderful feeling.”

Bebe admitted the past year has had its ‘ups and downs’ as she battles to make a name for herself in the business but she feels positive about 2014 when her album will hit the shelves and she starts touring.

She added: “I hope to do my hometown proud.”