ROWER Fergus Scholes has been battling 35ft waves as part of his 3, 000 mile voyage across he Atlantic.

Currently second out of the entire fleet and first out of his class of fours, and only 800 miles remaining in the race Fergus is due in Antigua around January 20 after nearly two months at sea He set off on December 4 in a seven-metre rowing boat in The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge – a race against 16 teams from around the world.

The Atlantic Polo Team, made up of professional polo players, have been faced with horrific conditions and waves the size of houses and had to lock themselves in the boat’s tiny airtight cabin to survive.

Fergus, from Blandford, not only turned 31, 292 miles into his 3,000 mile rowing endurance race but has also celebrated Christmas and New Year on the boat as they reach the halfway point of the world’s number one endurance race. Fergus is rowing unaided in the specially-made boat with the former captain of the England Polo Team Henry Brett and professional polo players James Glasson and Viscount Bobby Melville.

The rowing challenge is to raise money for working horses on behalf of The Brooke to help children in both the UK and disadvantaged countries on behalf of Hilton in the Community Foundation and Right To Play.

Fergus said: “It is such a privilege to be over one thousand miles from the nearest land and so connected to nature. “The remoteness, the beauty, the harsh elements make for a truly awesome adventure.

“We have been through hell but we have secured second position out of the entire fleet and are currently first out of our class of fours”

The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge only takes place every two years where more people have been into space, or climbed Everest than they have rowed the Atlantic. Fergus held the title of National School’s Champion, rowing at Henley for three years and was the Schools' Head of River Race champion amongst other achievements and has picked up the oars again for this coveted challenge which will keep them at sea for another month.

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