A HEROIN addict said his mother was ‘doing the right thing’ when she reported him to the police.

Richard Kenneth Smith, of Abbotsbury Road, Weymouth, admitted a charge of harassment without violence when he appeared at Weymouth Magistrates’ Court.

Prosecutor Elizabeth Vallera said Smith, 32, had spent all of his mother’s savings after harassing her for money for more than two years.

She added: “She wanted to support her son but she could not get him to stop.”

Smith, who is unemployed, would regularly turn up at his mother’s home and place of work, and even posted letters through her door demanding money, Miss Vallera told the court.

In a statement, the victim said: “I feel gobsmacked and upset that he still wanted more money. He is in a destructive mood and I can’t stop him. He’s spent all of my savings and I have not got anything else to give him.”

The defendant, who was unrepresented, told magistrates he is getting help for his drug addiction.

He said: “She is doing the right thing. I do know how this affects her, but I’m between a rock and a hard place.”

Smith was handed a 12-month conditional discharge.

Chairman of the bench John Young said: “Despite your addiction, you come to the courts largely of good character.

“On the other hand, your mother’s life has been made a misery by your actions.”

He also imposed a restraining order for two years with the condition that Smith does not go to his mother’s address or place of work.