CAMPAIGNERS arrived at The Supreme Court in London today for a hearing that will finally determine the future of a green space in Weymouth.

A campaign group and landowners have been fighting to decide whether land at Markham and Little Francis should be given legal protection from development.

The area, also known as Curtis Fields, was previously registered as a Town Green, but owners Betterment Properties applied to de-register the land in 2005.

The status, originally granted in 2001 before Betterment bought the land, was revoked by the High Court in 2010 and has been subject to an ongoing court battle ever since.

Betterment has applied for planning permission to develop the site and the outcome of an inquiry to decide whether to allow this is expected later this month.

The developers do not plan to build on the area that campaigners are fighting to protect, but have fought the status because it restricts development.

The case is scheduled to be heard by president of the Supreme Court Lord Neuberger, along with Lord Sumption, Lord Reed, Lord Toulson and Lord Hodge.

Chairman of the Society for the Protection of Markham and Little Francis Gill Taylor said: "It's exciting but very nerve wracking. I never thought when we started this campaign that it would lead all the way here."

Group members Tref Taylor and Alf and Mary Larkin are also attending to watch the proceedings which will be heard with a similar case from Huddersfield.

The decision is expected to be announced within six weeks after the one day hearing.

More to follow later.