People in Weymouth swim more regularly than almost anywhere else in England, according to a new league table published today by Diabetes UK.

According to the league table, based on Sport England data, 10.4 per cent of adults in Weymouth say they swim once a week.

This puts them at number four in the league table for the places with the most regular swimmers, behind South Lakeland, 11.5 per cent; Mid Sussex, 11 per cent; and Richmond upon Thames, 10.7 per cent.

Paul Amadi, Director of Fundraising for Diabetes UK, said: “Swimming is a great way to keep physically active, which is really important for preventing Type 2 diabetes and or helping to manage diabetes. “Clearly people in Weymouth are already taking this message to heart and it is great to see that so many of them are swimming.”

Diabetes UK has published the league table to launch its Swim 22 challenge. This is Diabetes UK’s channel swim pool challenge where participants swim 22 miles (the distance across the English Channel) at their local pool. The challenge will take place between 22 February and 22 May.

To sign up to Swim22 visit or call the National Events Team on 0345 123 2399.