What is the least romantic subject in the world? There is some pretty hot competition for this title – but I think anyone would agree that waste management has a strong claim. Mention the subject, and you see eyes glaze over very rapidly.

But in fact, of course, we all know that, despite its unromantic nature, waste management matters a lot. Something only needs to change or go wrong for people to be really quite interested in the subject.

So it is, to put it mildly, a good thing that Britain is endowed with local councils that spend a considerable amount of time and effort trying to make sure that our waste is properly collected. And, since the cost of doing this in Dorset is some £30 million a year, it’s a good thing also that our local councils concern themselves with trying to reduce the cost.

And then there is the environmental aspect of all this. It really makes a lot of difference to the generations that follow us if we find ways of minimising waste and re-using waste rather than just dumping it somewhere and hoping the problem will go away.

I am delighted to be able to report that the partnership of all the Dorset councils, which is now introducing a new system of waste management right across Dorset looks as though it is set to become a great success. By joining forces, the councils have together saved a very considerable amount of taxpayers’ money through reduced overheads, and recycling rates have increased markedly in the parts of Dorset where the new system has been introduced.

The final piece of good news for West Dorset residents (who are gradually going to witness the new system being introduced over coming months) is that – so far at least – customers have been pretty satisfied with the results in the eastern part of the county.