A TEENAGER who is addicted to online gambling stole more than £5,000 from his great grandparents to fund his habit, a court heard.

Kieran Reece Lackenby, aged 18, of Cromwell Road, Weymouth, admitted stealing the money from the couple, who are in their 90s.

Weymouth magistrates heard that Lackenby was staying with his great grandparents, aged 94 and 92, at the time of the thefts.

Prosecutor Elizabeth Valera said: “Mr Lackenby’s grandparents say they were trying to support him.

“He got access to their bank accounts by taking a card out of his great grandmother’s handbag.”

Lackenby admitted a charge of theft of £3,500 from a house in Cromwell Road, Weymouth, between September 30 and December 8 last year. He admitted a second charge of theft of £1,600 from the same address between December 9 and 17 last year.

Miss Valera added: “This is a man of previous good character. His motivation is an addiction to online gambling.”

Lackenby will be sentenced at Dorchester Crown Court on February 7.