VOLUNTEERS will again be hitting the beach to tackle a tide of litter.

Dorset Wildlife Trust is asking for help to clean-up the shocking amount of litter that has been washed up onto Chesil Beach after recent storms and high tides.

The group of litter pickers, who will be going out this Saturday, will be concentrating on an area near the trust’s Fine Foundation Chesil Beach Centre and further along the shoreline.

The clean-up comes after volunteers hit Chesil Beach on Sunday in an event organised by Portland woman Storm Wallace. There was also a huge effort to clear away rubbish last week.

Dorset Wildlife Trust said its event complimented the work done by Miss Wallace and others as it would be focussing on a different area of the beach.

A spokesman said: “There has already been a huge effort made by concerned local people to clear away the litter, but there is still a lot of work to do along Chesil Beach.”

The trust says litter washed ashore is having an impact on wildlife including seagulls which have been found with fishing line around their legs.

Chesil Beach Centre manager, Emily Brown said: “Rubbish such as plastic, metal and fishing gear can be very harmful to birds if they become entangled in it and lots of wildlife, such as turtles, can ingest plastic.

“This beach clean is a chance to make a real difference and a good opportunity to get some fresh air and enjoy scenic views.”

She added: “We are pleased to be working with local organisations, and we are grateful to the Court Leet of Portland which has generously paid for a skip to take the litter away.”

To join in, meet at the centre off the beach road at 11am on Saturday.

For more information visit dorsetwildlifetrust.org.uk