VOICES contributor Hannah Grafton, aged 17, gives her opinion on the popstar's alleged antics.

WE'VE probably all seen the news about Justin Bieber- allegedly egging neighbours' houses, apparently flipping out at journalists and most recently being arrested and charged with DUI and drag racing in Miami.

All I can muster is, 'really?'

He's recently announced his 'retirement' from music, and now media reports suggest he's been cursed by the dreaded teen star meltdown.

So the question is, is he a bad role model to his fans?

I say yes.

I am always shocked when celebrities as huge as Bieber- he is the most valuable teenager on the planet, worth over $13 million- continue to make mistakes as stupid as this.

I understand that, unfortunately, alcohol and drugs play a part in the downfall of child stars in Hollywood, but I feel that an activity such a drag racing is not an 'accident' and cannot be forced onto an individual.

Celebrities tend to convey their ideal lifestyle to their fans through social media.

For example, Rihanna posts countless pictures on her Instagram account of her wearing provocative clothing and allegedly smoking marijuana.

Is this really the right image her young female fans should see? And it's the same for Bieber.

I understand that these celebrities never asked to become role models.

But I believe that if you become a role model or icon through your career, you should be aware of the implications of your actons, and become responsible for the image you portray.

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