THERE are two new courses being put on in February by the Bridport Workers Education Association, one on the Spanish painter Goya and General Wellington and one on Modernism in the European Cinema.

Goya and Wellington had the Peninsular War in common and the course describes the events they experienced and puts them into context.

The six session course starts on Wednesday February 5 in the St John Hall, Rax Lane, from 2pm to 4pm.

The tutor will be Natividad Jimenez and will cost £46.

The Modernism and European Cinema course will explore a variety of topics including the emergence of psychoanalysis, particularly Freudian in Fritz Lang’s ‘M’ and ‘Secret behind the Door’; French New Wave cinema including film techniques; ideology and philosophy; political film and Modernist Art Cinema.

The six sessions start on Monday, February 3, at the St John Hall, Rax Lane, Bridport, from 2pm until 3.30pm.

The tutor is Angela Morray-Jones and the courses costs £35.

To enrol or for more information please call 0845 458 2758 or 01392 457300 or go online at