THE mother of a ‘mean and selfish’ struck-off care worker will pay back the thousands he stole from vulnerable elderly men.

As reported in the Echo last August, Symon West of Teal Avenue, Weymouth, was jailed for one count of fraud and one count of theft.

‘Unrelenting’ West – who was working for Dorset Healthcare Trust – stole £4,649 from a service user, who had been saving for his wife’s funeral, by asking for ‘loans’ he never paid back.

He then pocketed cash from another elderly man by pretending to sell goods for charity, the court heard.

At the time, Judge Roger Jarvis told West: “Not only have you let yourself down but you have let down your colleagues who carry out their tasks diligently and honestly.”

After hearing how West was having money problems and ‘buried his head in the sand’, Judge Jarvis said: “The plain fact of the matter is there are any number of people who have difficulty in managing their finances. They don’t turn to stealing from vulnerable victims as you did.”

West is now out of prison after being sentenced to 18 weeks for fraud and 25 weeks for theft, served concurrently.

But he was told he faces jail again unless he can find £4,729 in compensation for his victims.

A Proceeds of Crime Act hearing at Dorchester Crown Court heard that West does have the money available in the form of equity in his house.

But Tim Shorter, representing West, said his mother had offered to stump up the cash which ‘will be paid in the next 14 days or so’.

West was warned by Judge Roger Jarvis that if the money isn’t paid within six months he will go back to prison for three.

Both West’s victims are now dead but the compensation will go to their estates.