A man was taken to hospital after falling from a roof.

South Western Ambulance Service was alerted to the incident at 12.18pm on Thursday.

They said they were called to Church lane in Bradford Peverell, as a man had fallen from quite a height. A spokesman for the ambulance service said it could have been anything up to 30ft.

He said: “He had head, shoulder and leg injuries. He was taken to Dorset County hospital, that was the nearest A and E department.”

He added: “The Portland coastguard helicopter was on standby for use, in case he needed to be transferred to Southampton General Hospital.”

It is understood the man is still in hospital.

Portland Maritime Rescue and Co-ordination Centre on Weymouth Harbourside were asked by the ambulance service to help transfer the 60-year-old man in the Portland coastguard helicopter.

But on arrival it was decided the man should be transferred to hospital via ambulance.