DON’T TAKE ANY RISKS – that’s the message from coastguards as more high winds and waves are set to batter Dorset’s coast.

Met Office officials are warning of further storms, heavy rain and high winds as Dorset breathes a sigh of relief after escaping the worst of the forecast deluge this weekend.

But flood alerts remain in place this morning across the county and there is a further yellow weather warning in place tomorrow and Wednesday.

Coastguards are urging people to be extra careful at the coast during the next week as further big waves are expected.

The warning comes after a concerned photographer took pictures of a pair close to breaking waves on Portland.

The man and child were snapped standing on the plinth of rock that stretches out to sea and joins Pulpit Rock at Portland Bill – waves are seen crashing around the rock. An eyewitness said: “It was dangerous as the waves were crashing over the rocks.”

A spokesman for Portland Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre on Weymouth Harbourside, who saw the pictures, said: “Portland Coastguard urge members of the public to take extra care in areas along the coastline this week.

“The large waves and rough seas mixed in with strong gale force winds are likely to remain with us for the next few days.

“We ask the public to remain on alert and mindful of the dangers and stay away from cliff edges, coastal paths and harbour and sea walls.”

She added: “Large waves can take people by surprise and the size and force of the current sea conditions is significant.

“Dogs should be kept on leads if walking near cliff tops and children should stay away from the surf line during this period of extreme weather.

“If you see anyone get into difficulty, do not put yourself in danger call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

“And please don’t take any risks.”

With the continuing wet weather more landslides are also expected.

- Do not take unnecessary risks, stay away from the edge of the cliff top 

-  Stay away from the base of cliffs: cliff falls can happen at any time 

- Do not walk or climb over landslide or cliff fall debris, especially during and after wet weather as it is easy to get stuck in mud and quicksand 

- Pay attention to warning signs; they are there to advise you how to stay safe 

- Check the weather forecast before you go n Beware of steep, shelving beaches and large waves 

- Be aware of tide times: it is possible to get cut off by the incoming tide or forced up against the cliffs of Dorset including West Bay.

There are also still alerts in place for the Upper Frome and Weymouth’s rivers and streams.

Contact the Environment Agency’s flood advice and information line on 0845 988 1188.

Flood alerts still in place

FLOOD warnings are still in place as Dorset braces for the next deluge.

Met Office officials say the county could see even more rain tomorrow and Wednesday on top of wettest January since records began 120 years ago.

Across the weekend flood warnings were put in place for Weymouth Seafront, Chiswell, Portland Beach Road and Preston Beach Road at high tide. But while water levels were extremely high, no flooding incidents were reported.

Flood alerts remain in place this morning for West Bay Harbour, Weymouth harbour, Castletown, Preston Beach and the west coast of Dorset including West Bay.

There are also still alerts in place for the Upper Frome and Weymouth’s rivers and streams.