STUDENTS had a very special visitor to teach them about how the body works and staying healthy.

IPACA students, pictured above, at the Osprey Quay Campus got to meet Harold the Giraffe, who turned up to see them in the Life Education Wessex mobile classroom.

The children entered a specially designed mobile classroom with an interactive model of the human body, fibre optic lighting and a multi-media suite.

Moira Dearle educator for Life Education Wessex, said: “Children at IPACA took part in high impact, memorable activities that help them become better informed and more assertive about the health choices they make for the rest of their lives.”

They learnt about a variety of topics including self-esteem, drug and alcohol awareness, assertiveness and anti-bullying techniques, positive friendships, and being safe and healthy.

Osprey Quay Campus Leader, Irene Carney, said: “The children enjoyed a fun experience in the Life Education Van.

“The age appropriate, hands-on programme builds on learning in school to help the children understand more about themselves.”