A PRANKSTER has targeted a local attraction sign in Weymouth.

The sign has been added to several existing tourist markers on Preston Beach Road to suggest that while there are plenty of noteworthy places off to the right, there is “nothing worth mentioning” to the left of Overcombe corner.

Councillor for Preston, Ian Bruce, had just been out to see the sign for himself and was very complimentary about the work of the mischief maker.

He said: “I wondered whether it was a Banksy at first, it's so well done.

“It's a very amusing sign and that direction leads to my house.

“Perhaps this will be a good thing, when so many people see this sign I'm sure that they will all write in to the Dorset Echo and tell you about all the wonderful things that are worth mentioning in Preston.”

A spokesperson for Dorset County Council's Highway Department, said: “That sign shouldn't be there and we're sending someone out to remove it in the next day or so.”

This is not the first time that signs in the Weymouth area have been comically altered, with one being changed to read, Portland 6 Manchester United 0.